Western North Carolina Buying Trends: Homeowners want nature and nature-based amenities

Fancy clubs are out. Nature is in. That’s what’s been trending in in the luxury Western North Carolina (WNC) home market. Over the past five years, there has been a distinct shift among affluent buyers seeking real estate in high-end communities. An article from the Wall Street Journal back in 2015 clearly revealed this growing trend: “Luxury Home Developers’ Latest Pitch: Unspoiled Nature” (November 5, 2015). As a result of the 2008-09 market crash, homeowners shifted their buying priorities significantly. Expensive golf courses and high-maintenance clubs were replaced by conservation communities that presented a more authentic, family-centric living experience.

“We’ve seen a definite shift in buyer behavior the past few years in Western North Carolina. Families are looking for nature-based communities that offer adventure and family-centered amenities inside the gates, with access to outdoor recreation, dining, shopping, and entertainment nearby. It’s all about making family memories together with today’s buyers.”
Mark Adkins, owner at Chinquapin in Cashiers, NC

7 Buying Trends for WNC Mountain Communities

1) Trails are big
Home buyers today value experiences over things. The lavish spa and expensive golf course are secondary to hiking and walking in the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains. Communities that have a network of meandering trails for hiking and biking are increasingly popular.

2) UTV trails are too
This has been one of the fastest emerging trends over the past year or so. Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTV) and All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) have become one of the more popular factors for buyers looking for a community—surpassing golf, actually.

3) Privacy is at a premium
People want to get away. They want a respite from day-to-day stress—a sanctuary from urban rush. Even within mountain communities, buyers want room to breathe on private lots surrounded by forest, streams, and ridgelines.

4) Staying connected is key
Wi-Fi is no longer an option. In fact, not having high-speed internet can be a deal breaker for many buyers. Even though families come to the mountains to get away, they still want access to be able to work, check email, and visit their favorite social channels.

5) Conservation is at a premium
As the world grows more hectic daily, people crave the peace and serenity that only nature can provide. The WNC mountains are more than a billion years old. And they impart an ancient wisdom and beauty that is unrivaled. To live in a community that preserves their beauty is a powerful draw.

6) Nature-based amenities are hot
Extravagant, exorbitant amenities—spas, golf courses, and the like—have lost their appeal for many buyers. They offer extra costs with diminishing returns. Nature-based amenities—trails, parks, pavilions, open-air amphitheaters, fishing, and hiking—are in high demand.

7) Quality homes are a must
Quality and craftsmanship go without saying. But quality with today’s buyers applies to the communities at large, not just individual homes. Everything in a community should blend harmoniously with the natural landscape, offering modern conveniences and the finest natural materials: wood, stone, and granite.

Chinquapin gives you everything you want in a premier mountain community

This is where nature’s playground intersects with the ultimate mountain town. Chinquapin offers itself as your family’s own personal playground, set amidst the majesty and splendor of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Yet three miles away lies the charming downtown of Cashiers, North Carolina, called “the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains.” This is truly the best of both worlds. Backing up to Panthertown Valley in the Nantahala Forest—and just eight miles from beautiful Lake Glenville—Chinquapin encompasses 2,000 acres of pristine land for hiking, fishing, ATV-ing, and biking. Just outside the gates, a world of dining, shopping, and family-centered entertainment. This is mountain living on your terms. To learn more about the living experience at Chinquapin, contact us today.

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