To see Chinquapin for the first time is to take in ancient mountains, native forests, and freshwater streams that have existed in a pristine state for millions of years. This glorious land has remained largely undisturbed through the eons, and we aim to keep it that way. As stewards of this property—and in keeping with the Carlton Legacy—we feel an obligation to preserve this land, a citadel of towering hardwoods, soaring mountains, and intricately woven streams and trickling burns. That’s why we have placed nearly a third of Chinquapin’s 2,000 acres in a conservation easement with North American Land Trust.

One of the best things about Chinquapin is that it’s a true conservation community. They are committed to preserving the land. That was a big factor in our decision to make Chinquapin our home—that and the fact that it’s only 10 minutes from downtown Cashiers.

Mark & Linda Cheadle,
Chinquapin homeowners

At Chinquapin, nature isn’t an object—it's home.

Some communities pay lip service to “conservation” and “green space,” placing a minute parcel of land in conservation just to say: “we’re environmentally responsible.” That’s not the case at Chinquapin. Conservation is a way of life here. Through a meticulous land plan and a commitment to preservation, Chinquapin allows nature to be the hero. This will always be a low-density community, with large lots having been carefully designed to minimize impact on the native ecosystems.