Imagine a place where pristine wild forests ebb and flow with the peaks of the Southern Appalachian Mountains. Where the lush valley and ancient geological formations sparkle like a rare gem. That place is here on the Cashiers-Highlands Plateau, where Chinquapin provides an unmatched opportunity to experience this refined backcountry.

The Cashiers-Highlands Plateau is unique in both geology and personality and Chinquapin’s 2000 acres reign at the pinnacle, stretching across the Eastern Continental Divide. Over 700 acres of conservancy land are held in permanent preservation with the North American Land Trust.

To preserve this sense of pristine beauty, Chinquapin’s Masterplan weaves together “filtered views” and strategically placed building “envelopes” ensuring maximum privacy for all of our North Carolina cabins. We have plenty of cabins for sale that offer you a chance to join this fantastic community that can let you enjoy nature to its fullest.

Starting at Just $129 per night.


Wilderness Cabin Area

Wolf Lake

Trading Post

Charlie Falls

Julie Falls

Double Knob

Homesite 108

Homesite 29

Homesite 31

Homesite D-4

Homesite D-8

Wilderness Trail

Tulip Pond

The Outpost

Driving Range

Hiking Trail