Allow nature to be your guide and select from among more than 2000 acres of our magnificent mountain properties. The North Carolina mountain cabins for sale in Chinquapin was designed to maintain its pristine, natural feel for years to come, which is why our large lots have been carefully designed to minimize man’s impact on the community’s surroundings. Although Chinquapin is nestled in the heart of the forested, wild Cashiers-Highlands Plateau area, it is still only ten minutes from downtown Cashiers, North Carolina, or a twenty-minute drive from Highlands, North Carolina.

Both Cashiers and Highland, North Carolina are renowned for their small town charm, their many boutiques, specialty shops, antiques, handcrafted furniture, arts and crafts fairs, and much more. And the surrounding area offers a multitude of restaurants from gourmet to down-home cooking to satisfy every taste. Just next door to Chinquapin are 6700 acres of National forest known as Panthertown Valley. A winding network of hiking trails and numerous waterfalls make for spectacular destinations in your own backyard.



Though “conservation” and “green space” are popular catchphrases often used to elicit feelings of environmentalism, at Chinquapin you come to know the true meaning behind both of these words. This vast stretch of land with gently buildable areas is also home to fragile ecosystems and wetlands. Over 700 acres of wilderness are held in permanent conservation with The North American Land Trust to preserve the most sensitive of these habitats. The North American Land Trust is a National Organization committed to one single but extremely important purpose: to provide long term stewardship of our natural heritage.

The Carlton Legacy has sought to sustain the value of Chinquapin by serving as stewards to our natural and economic resources and developing cabins in North Carolina in harmony with nature. Through this balance and awareness, Chinquapin families and friends can write their own story of heritage to share, enjoy and pass down to the next generation.


At Chinquapin’s North Carolina mountain cabins, you will find a natural, harmonious balance between nature and beauty. Our protective covenants and architectural guidelines have been designed around a careful consideration of conservationism, proactively protecting the land you’ll be proud to call home. Far away from large homes on tiny lots or condos fighting for a piece of a mountain view, the cabins for sale Chinquapin is an idyllic place to establish a home base, a place where luxury, outdoor adventure and an intense appreciation for raw nature help preserve the balance between the landscape and the life you and your family will build here.



Cashiers North Carolina offers visitors small town charm and surrounding views that can’t be matched. Our homes for sale in North Carolina are perched in the clouds at 3,484 feet, the Cashiers-Highland area sits at the junction of Highway 107 and 64. The area offers a bit of everything including hiking, swimming, fishing, biking, wonderful food and a place to just sit back and watch Nature put on a show.



The unique styles of the North Carolina homes for sale here echo that same ambiance. Architecturally, the designs you’ll see at Chinquapin exist in harmony with their environment, incorporating native elements that blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings.

Your home, though, should be as unique as you are. Our architectural guidelines, building covenants and a wide array of design features are available to help you create your own individual masterpiece.



Chinquapin is the first development in the entire region to provide true fiber optic connectivity to their North Carolina Cabins. This innovative, state-of-the-art infrastructure allows you to stay truly connected to the world while you disconnect from busy shuffle of everyday life.

Fiber optic communication is fast, reliable and delivers the capacity and bandwidth necessary for today’s business-savvy residents.



Dedication to the land has been passed down through the Carlton family for generations. It’s a legacy that was born in the very beginning and continues today.

After moving to the mountains of North Carolina seeking refuge from Hurricane Donna in 1960. Albert and Barbara Carlton bought a gorgeous 2,200-acre tract of land known today as Chinquapin. In the true pioneer spirit, it’s here the Carlton children spent their summers working in the family’s Christmas tree fields, horseback riding, fishing and camping in their North Carolina Cabins.